June 8, 2011
It starts as a crack
A small sliver
Something you don't notice.
A pain less than a pinch.

Then it starts to ebb
The crack spreads tendrils
You start to feel it,
A dull ache.

The original crack deepens
Something bubbles up
From it's bottom
Now you feel it constantly.

Another hit to your chest
The crack is now a crevice
A deep cut, the blood
At the bottom overflows the top.

Another blow to your front
You're covered in blood now
The cracks widen and spread.
You start to scream in pain.

You're afraid.
You're frantic to pull it together
The ebbing has consumed
Your whole body now.

One last hit
Straight to the heart
And you break
Shatter into a million pieces.

You fall to the ground
Finally broken, never going back
The way you used to be.
Never going to be okay.

It has finally climaxed
It became too much
Laying on the ground
Now you know...

What it feels to break.

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