acid tears

June 7, 2011
By rawrimadinosaur BRONZE, Salem, Ohio
rawrimadinosaur BRONZE, Salem, Ohio
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let the haters hate and the lovers love

acid tears
Those tears burn
run like acid on the skin
I'm sick of crying
And i'm sick of you making me cry

Those tears burn
burn my cheeks
So bad i can still feel it
It's like salt in my wounds

Those tears are almost as evil as you
You find my weakness and turn it against me
In an effort to make those tears flow
To burn my face enough to make me not want to move

I hate crying
It's evil and useless
It's left the scars on my face
Forever the burn is imprinted in me

It burns yet my tears cease to flow
My mind won't let them stop
Eventhough my body can't stand the burn
I hate these never-ending tears

I hate these burns
And these sorrows and sadness
These tears have made to be filled with hate
Something that i'm not

You've caused these tears
You are these tears
You're evil and useless and you've hurt me
And you've found my weakness

The author's comments:
this is one of my favorits but one of my not to good ones!

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