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June 7, 2011
What do you say
when we burn down your facade?
the burning embers spiral;
into the snow beneath your feet

so hot that the grass beneth
it engulfs you and everything you hold;
who are you?
tell us who you really are

are you a puppet
or are you alive?
your skin hasn't felt warm
in two years

you've become as ice cold
as the glaciers you used to move;
the planets you put into orbit
now flow jagged;

your heart with its four four beat
now runs stagnate;
breaking the surface
gives away to physic screams
that tear your anatomy apart

Come back to me
in your own skin and flesh;
leave the cloth and wires alone;
let me hear your voice
in its own natural tones;
I don't want to hear
the prerecorded phrases
the "I'm okay" or the "don't worry about it"
I want to hear
the mismatched harmonies
and the laughs that set the beat
of your voice I can't remember

Lets sit in the grass
that your mask burnt the snow from;
lets forget it happened
and live like we're going to live endless lives;
because we're invincible
and this is nothing but a useless wall
that we're going to destroy
and walk over to the other side

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