Every Banana Has Its Peel

June 7, 2011
By Juliannaxoxo BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Juliannaxoxo BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Lenny’s mom slams the car door—
Strutting away to seek her meds at Walgreen’s.
Lenny stares and jerks his head forward.
“That’s right; you need your meds…
God, why am I even here? I gotta get to practice”
He jams the music on high but Justin Bieber
just won’t cut it...
Switching the stations, someone snatches Lenny’s eye—
Someone in a ski mask, nothing too bad
Someone in a ski mask just scurrying down the sidewalk?
Nothing too good…

Lenny taps his fingers on the seat divider timidly—
A sudden change in surface hits his senses,
He was tapping a banana.

“Alright you stupid sly stranger…if I can’t get my way then

you can’t either.”
Peeling the banana,
Lenny rolls down the window and
whips the peel on the ground—
Since the ski mask covers the stranger’s eyes,
He slips and falls to the ground!

Sirens signal behind Lenny and his parked car.
A copper comes out of his car to confront him—

“I’m so glad you got here mister…

that guy on the ground was gonna grab

the groceries out of this store and get away!”

Lenny’s mom makes it back with her meds
as she marches to the car to hear the cop say,

“Actually son, you need to come with me.
In Detroit, throwing banana peels on the street is
forbidden in case a horse should have an accident.”

The irony is right then and there,
It wasn’t the horse that had the accident,
Lenny’s mom popped an artery-
her high blood pressure previously being treated with pills
and potassium,
Now the banana is gone,
Now the stranger smuggles stuff out of sight,
Now Lenny’s mom is on the verge of death,
Now Lenny will be arrested--
Anxious about not attending practice.

The author's comments:
I looked up random facts from random places and found one that stated,"In Detroit, throwing banana peels on the street is
forbidden in case a horse should have an accident." I thought it was hilarious and almost unbelievable so I thought it would make sense to write a poem about it with a twist.

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