June 7, 2011
By Andrew Lynch BRONZE, Bernardsville, New Jersey
Andrew Lynch BRONZE, Bernardsville, New Jersey
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Revenge is a dark alligator
That sits silently in a murky swamp.
With a clear conscious,
He stalks his prey; a frail young gazelle.
Revenge himself and by nature,
Is silent, unnoticeable, and undetectable in the murky swamp.
For years revenge can grow in a man’s soul,
And as patient as the man the alligator waits;
For the perfect moment.
From there it takes only a matter of seconds.
His vicious jaw snaps
And revenge’s sinister teeth sink and clench into its preys skin.
He forcefully invites the gazelle to its death by dragging it into the swamp.
Kicking and fighting for life the gazelle starts to slip into its death.
But, despite anything the prey does to struggle and grip onto life,
Revenge always gets its way
And defeat



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