June 7, 2011
Dark night, full moon,
the wind bites my skin, killing any sensational touches
the air is toxic, the poison kills my brain cells.
My feet won't respond, won't follow my command
So I sit here freezing,
waiting for you to come, waiting for your arms to pull me in an embrace,
for the heat of your body to warm my soul.
I sit under the willow, with a wilted flower as my company.
Hear footsteps in the distance.
I look up waiting to see your deep blue eyes gazing in mine
the footsteps emerge and descend once again.
My wilted flower, the only thing that looks worst than me has died.
As the cold fills my soul, as the wind surrounds me, as the air suffocates me, tears start to gather and fall.
Any hope I once had of seeing your gallant looks, your ebony hair, to feel the warmth of your kisses is gone.
I drop the flower and stand.
the hungry beasts surround me. I return the deadly stare.
"It's time" I say almost to myself,
not wanting to face reality
you're not here, I will never see you again.
All memories of me are gone in your head,but they take shelter in mine.
I will carry our love, the love I could never have
locked inside in a secret chamber,
thoughts of our secret meetings, our kisses, our embraces float around in me as I stand watching my soul being devoured.
I am helpless,
I am defeated,
and now I'm alone

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