Your Perfect Garden

June 7, 2011
By CoryB BRONZE, Jamison, Pennsylvania
CoryB BRONZE, Jamison, Pennsylvania
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Rumors are like weeds.
Weeds will blemish your perfect garden,
until all of your beautiful flowers are overshadowed.
Once the weeds are planted, they are tough to get rid off.
You can try to ignore them,
but they will grow tall and wide until
they are right in your face.
They will spread and spread all over until you realize
you must take action.
But sadly it’s not so simple.
You can try to kill the weeds,
but it may only make them stronger.
You can try to cover them up,
but it may only make them stand out more.
Unfortunately you will eventually come to realize that
the weeds are not going anywhere,
and they are now and forever a part of your perfect

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