Once Upon A TIme.

June 5, 2011
By WhoAreWe BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
WhoAreWe BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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Once upon a time, everything good, was a lie.
Once upon a time, it was sunny and all was good.
Once upon a time, no one ever had to worry.
Once upon a time, nothing could alter how perfect life was.
Once upon a time, our sea was calm.
Once upon a time, we were not broken.
Once upon a time, everything was easy.
Once upon a time, it was easy to care.
Once upon a time, we benefited from each day.
Once upon a time, I could not say I had ever been brought down.
The other day, I was brought down.
A few years ago, I stopped benefitting.
When I was younger, I actually cared.
In 2009, I learned what struggle really was.
As I grew up, I became broken.
As I became broken, our seas were disturbed and destroyed our home.
When our sea tore apart our home, it altered the perfection.
Once the perfection was lost, we never stopped worrying about what tomorrow might bring for us all.
When tomorrow did come, the clouds filled the sky, the rain poured to the ground, our hearts became flooded with sorrow and pain, and we were all broken down.
Once upon a time, we stopped lying

The author's comments:
life is not our own.

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