The Mist

June 5, 2011
By hannahymb17 BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
hannahymb17 BRONZE, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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The mist it falls
Like morning dew
Upon the world
That we once knew

It pulls you under
In its wake
And steals every breath
That you take

Distorted thoughts
Will fill your mind
A sudden desire
To leave the world behind

And as you fall
Into Hell's depths
You no longer value
Your memories kept

The author's comments:
I am suffering from clinical depression. I wrote this piece to express how it feels, what it does to your life. I used the term "mist" to identify depression because depression falls upon you. I hope to inspire other kids suffering from this disease to find a way to cope with it. I use something I love to cope, writing.

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