June 7, 2011
Push those buttons to
Turn me on.
Hold your breath as the
low hum sounds, and a flicker
of light reveals windows
of opportunities to open my

It is too easy, and you
scroll down to get a better look
at my layout.
Click when you see something you like.
Double click when it is love.

What is love?
Do you love me, or do you love
this keyboard and the tingly feeling
you get in the tips of your fingers
when you push down on the letters?

They are, by the way, the wrong types of letters.
I would rather that you write a love letter.
Or maybe this screen should be a canvas,
the keyboard could be your palette,
and I could be Olympia.
Would you paint me?

Instead, you take a screenshot, and
it looks like me, I guess.
Then again, that is how you see me?
Pixilated perfection, I am 01001001 . . .

I want you to push the doorbell
and hold your breath as you sense
movement and see a flicker of light
through my actual window.
I will open a real door, and
give you the opportunity
to touch me.

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