June 5, 2011
Do you see?
Do you see them?
Do you see them standing there?
Do you see them staring?

Do you hear them?
Do you hear them whispering?
About me and you?
About why we are here?
About why we are together?

Why would they do this?
Why would they want to break us apart?
Why would the want to destroy us?

Is it because of my love?
Our love?

The thought of being with someone who loves you for you?
Or is it something else?

Is it because of me?
About what happened?
About what is happening?
About them?
About what they did?
To me.

Or is it about you?
Who you are?
What you do?
Why me?
Why would you want to be seen with me when you could have anyone?

I see you here…
Feel your breath,
Hear your voice.
But I can’t believe you’re here…
Or are you?

Are you here to stay?

Or will you come and go as you please?
To come only when you need an ego boost?
A laugh?
A hug?
A kiss.

Will you make me happy?
Truly happy.
Or will you lift me up…
Then drop me?
Make me fly…
Then take away my wings?
Make my heart light…
Then fill it with lead?
Lead me to light…
Then throw me into darkness?

I love you sweet boy.
But the question is…
Do you love me?
Do you love me truly?

No you don’t.
You broke me sweet boy…
I knew you would.
I could see it!
But still…
Silly me,
Silly me for thinking otherwise.
For hoping,
For thinking you cared.

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