June 5, 2011
By PaolaItzel BRONZE, San Diego, California
PaolaItzel BRONZE, San Diego, California
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Inspiration never ceases, and hope never leaves. When you are down, always look forward to the future because we can change and alter what its outcome will be. Because we are never satisfied with the present. Because we are disappointed with the “now.” We are so vulnerable and full of hope. Hope that “one day” we will be taller, thinner, prettier, buffer, smarter, more attractive, more interesting, more captivating and more living. Neglect the past because we are all people and we all deserve for our “one day” to come.

mis-lead friendship
on both our parts.
I can bring myself to say what you have always
wanted to say, but have lacked
the commitment to say.
Therefore you have merely “settled.”
Not happy, nor completely unhappy,
or as I assume because I cannot get
into your head.
Missing but hoping not to be losing.
Longing but not wanted to get attached.
All the fun but not the effort.
Able to bite, but not willing to swallow.

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