The Clicking Shoes

June 5, 2011
By SabyF BRONZE, Sumner, Washington
SabyF BRONZE, Sumner, Washington
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The clicking came around the corner
Loud or soft
Long or short
He knew this pace
From times before
Past hatred and horrid galore

Turning his head
Side to side
He melted to the wall behind
The constant click
Tortured his mind

Grinding his teeth
Sweating anxiously
He prayed for the click he heard
For she was broke and lost
A clicking cost

It was not the clothes
Nor the hair
Or the tragedy they shared
It was the fact
Of what he practiced

A sickly game
Of pity or maybe shame
Knowing wrong is to practice wrong
To kiss this click
Was his goal
Even knowing of his wrong

His goal in mind wasn't free
He looked to the sky to plead
Yet, he had unruly desires
To use this click
He smiled in horrid galore

The clicking stopped
Right in front of him
Looking up and down
Scanning all around
He reached for his wrong

Because this man knew
That she was willing to
Give it all plus her clicking shoe

The author's comments:
I saw this women on the street crying in Seattle. She was wearing tall heels and a mini dress. I knew what she did, and that she felt hopeless. Selling herself to men like a box of chocolates. Prostitution is never right, there is always help out there.

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