June 5, 2011
By Hawaiigirl GOLD, Helena, Alabama
Hawaiigirl GOLD, Helena, Alabama
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Before you complain about your life, stop and think about all the people that went to early to heaven.

I wake up and the first thing I see...
The picture we took is sitting on my bedside table.
I get dressed and the shirt I'm wearing...
Still has the memory of the last day I saw you...
I get into my car and start to drive away when I see the tear stains...
I think of the hours I spent crying over you.
I walk into the school and see the football team,
We'll play your old school next Friday...
Wish you could be there.
I open my binder and out falls the note we wrote during class...
My teacher turns on the radio and on comes our song,
"Just the thought of you can drive me wild..."
I go to my car and barely let a tear slip out,
I drive past the place we met,
I swore I saw us standing there...
I blink and you slowly fade away.
But i still feel you near, and I hear the words you said,
"Can i just know your name?"
I drag my feet up the stairs,
Get into my bed... and remember the night
We danced until the sunset on the hill.
You walked me home and held me close..
Then missed me the second I walked away.
I can't stand it...
I grab my phone and look at the
Last text you sent me,
"Just so know you, I did fall for you..."
Why must you be there and leave me here?
why must you be in my mind every time i close my eyes?
Why must your voice stay ringing in my ears?
Why must memories of you flood my house?
Why must you be everywhere?
Yet no where close to me.

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