You're My Love

June 5, 2011
You're a thief,
You stole my heart and you took my breath away.
You're a musician,
You sang back the song to my heart when I have forgotten the words.
You're a sailor,
Your ocean blue eyes taking me away and forgetting reality.
You're a therapist,
Getting me through all the hard times and always being able to sit and listen.
You're a comedian,
Always making me laugh when all I want to do is lay in your arms and cry.
You're a mind reader,
No words need to be exchanged for you to know how I feel.
You're a god,
With the power to change my whole world and to make everything seemingly perfect.
You're a photographer,
Making everything a picturesque moment and taking it to make it last forever.
You're a doctor,
Repairing the wounds left on my heart, and taking away the pain.
You're always the one there to catch me whenever I fall.
The one that will do anything for me to just be happy.
To the world your just someone, but to me you are my world...

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