Outside And Inside

June 5, 2011
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Outside And Inside…..

On the outside I look like a happy female
With hugs to give and smiles to share
Having laughs with friends and being happy with family
But on the inside I am sad
With brain thinking death and conscience saying “don’t you dare”
Being broken down slowly from insult but pretending I don’t care
On the outside I seem to have a colorful personality
Looking like im never alone with always someone beside me
Seeming cheerful and hopeful about anything that comes my way
But on the inside I am dark and lifeless
Alone and lonely feeling my heart continue to break
Crying on the inside wanting but not wanting to call out for help
On the outside I appear to be put together and knowing what to do
Always willing to help someone or something in need
Being generous and believing
But on the inside I am lost
Confused and wondering what to do or where to go
Tore down and stumbling just wishing for a hand to hold
Believing and wishing
That someone might find out

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