Heartbeat of Nature

June 5, 2011
By anniegeorgine SILVER, Pacific Palisades, California
anniegeorgine SILVER, Pacific Palisades, California
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The sound of rushing, crashing water
A cool spray of sparkling, twinkling mist.
The way the sunlight bounces off the tiniest droplets,
turning them dazzling white,
like the brightest diamonds in existence.
The slippery rocks beneath my toes,
my only meager support against the powerful,
overwhelming force above me.
The smell of moss,
heat, and damp air,
fills my nose.
Each breath I take,
is like the first breath of life,
giving each part of my body strength,
and happiness.
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my face,
my back,
my heart.
Seeing the cascade of the white, foamy water,
as it tumbles over the rocks,
and falls down, down,
to the awaiting pool of wonders below.

Then, with only a moment’s hesitation,
 I take the plunge,
and give myself over to the swirling currents
of blue and white water before me.
Forgetting about everything else,
my worries, my distress,
the water takes me on a journey.
I am now nothing but a leaf,
tossed and turned in the currents too powerful to fight.
The deafening noise gives me comfort,
and I submit myself to the awesome force of nature.

With strength greater than any weapon on earth,
and beauty more poignant than any little flower,
the waterfall is the heartbeat of nature.
It is the force that keeps the birds singing,
the blossoms in bloom,
and the butterflies dancing.

Those who live with the falls as their backyard,
know the pain and destruction it can bring,
to the ones who disobey and disrespect its laws.
Like a lion in the jungle,
it must be revered,
a sacred force with the ability to protect,
or destroy.

The thundering rush of adrenaline,
like the sound of two trains rushing towards each other.
The singular source of excitement and power,
for all that exists.
The waterfall,
the flow of life.

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