Dangerous wonders of the magic world

May 31, 2011
When everything you've known as a myth comes true
when demons and ghoasts walk the streets with you
when the wolves come ot
and vampires play hide-n-seek
when your daydreams come in your night mares wake
get down on your knees, and pray for your soul's sake
elves and faires wreck havoc with your lives
and dwarfs sneek up on you with total suprise
witches and wizards brew up evil potions and samll little nymphs whisper terrible notions
when this world is revealed
you must promise to keep your lips sealed
for when everyone knows
all the magic goes
when powerful beings get terrified
that's when you run for your life
we beinings can be dangerous. bad for your health
so listen, take care, and we'll give you much wealth
we creautresof the day and night
be here for us and it'll save your life
you couldn't lie to us. we can not be deseived.
when you least expect it, we'll come back
but not with happiness, and we won't make you laugh
I'll sneak up on you in the middle of the night
and the only thing you remember will be the knife
so don't let slip the wonderful world you're privy too
unless you want us magic folk to come after you

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