Little Old Me

June 1, 2011
By tonytourtugatanya BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
tonytourtugatanya BRONZE, Kissimmee, Florida
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Around 2007

I discovered the music that I’ve grown to love with a passion. I became an aunt to a little baby boy named after my older brother. He came out white and a DNA test proved that 99.9% that he was my brother child. What happen to the other .1%?
Around 2005
My family and I moved to a bigger house. Got my own room, finally! No more sharing a room with an annoying sister or a brother who had constant seizures. “911 what’s your emergency?”
Around 2010

I met my favorite band and singer, different nights, same venue. Left the sound check with arms sign and a smile so wide, and had a bunch of girls who got in line around 9:00 in the morning jealous. “Why are you crying sweetheart? Don’t cry come here and give me a hug.” My secret became know a few days before.
Around 2008

My last year in middle school. Class of ’09! New hairstyle, a sister who became very ill, and a silly crush that went nowhere. I made a new best friend, with the neighbor next door, after a few years of ignoring her present. “Hey Melany, you want to come over?”
Around 2004

I left the states to the homeland of my mom’s, Cali, Colombia. For two months I had to learn to speak Spanish in order to communicate with others. I learned how to swim from a trainer who only wore Speedos. “Burbujas! Burbujas!”
Around 2006

After a bit of begging, my brother agreed to paint my room fully pink. He also managed to put my name across one of the walls in purple. High School Musical became my obsession, I never liked Gabriella, she took Sharpey’s man. Wild Cats, getcha head in the game!
Around 2009

I started my freshman year, a new environment, and a new unknown feeling. I found an escape from the voice in my head that made me go mad, my music. Yet, after I had my escape, my insecurities became the best of me. Am I beautiful?
Around 2011

The writer in me merged more than I knew I had. Still, I saw more of the doubts and wrongs of my being. A new year, same beginning. Can I just move on now?

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