The Pitcher and the Catcher

June 1, 2011
By MalloryJoy BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
MalloryJoy BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
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No matter what, I will always be there.
I am here for you when you have off days
Because me and you, we have our ways.
You can throw anything at me
And no matter what
I will go the distance for you.

I sit here behind home plate and you stare,
Waiting for my signal through the glare.
You trust in me to be your guide
Before your nerves get the best of you,
I smile your way,
Making sure you know that it is ok.
This is just a game.

Through the fence we hear the screams
Of our own players and the other team
But their voices don’t matter.
Right now it is up to you and me.
Not the coach, not the umpire, not the batter.

We are tired and our bodies ache
But together we move forward.
We are almost there.
You can do this
I swear.

Victory is ours!
I am the first to scream your name.
Through the dirt, through the heat, through the pain
We accomplish what no one else can.

You are the pitcher and I am the catcher.
We are one in the same.
We need each other to play this game
Because what is one of us without the other?

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