If I were

June 1, 2011
By hockeyknight BRONZE, Mounds View, Minnesota
hockeyknight BRONZE, Mounds View, Minnesota
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If I were a bag I would be full of love
And hope
If I were a zipper I would zip that bag
Until the feelings left
If I were a calendar I would turn back
To the first day I saw you
If I were a vacuum I would suck away the worry
If I were tape I would tape the pieces together
If I were a question I would be “When”
If I were a song I would rock the air waves
If I were a bird I would be free
If I were lighting I would light up the world
If I were a direction I would be forward

The author's comments:
The inspiration for my piece was another poem called If I were it inspired me enough to write a response poem to it. I would have never have writen this poem if I hadent read the original

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