You'll never know

June 1, 2011
By Anonymous

I wanna talk about depression,
how it eats away at your soul,
and anything positive you have left in your mind.
It’s a disease that most don’t understand.

How you burst into tears,
with no type of trigger,
just the thoughts in your mind
that scare you half to death,
not knowing where these demons came from.

I wanna talk about the people,
the ones that are diagnosed.
We are not crazy,
we cant control our brain
and the thoughts that it projects.

How every single day
you hope and pray,
for all these feeling to stop
and to just be happy again.
its taking over my life
it was never suppose to be this way.

I wanna talk about the how it hurts,
when ever you look at me,
you notice all the scares and tell me how pathetic I am.
But to some that’s the only way to cope
with all the hurting that depression bring.

How even though you get prescribed to pills
or a counselor to consult with,
it doesn’t always help
and its up to you, and only you,
to do your best to lift your self up
and try you best to be positive.

If you are constantly thinking negative,
You’ll be in that hole your whole life,

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