I live

June 1, 2011
We count down the days
and watch the spring sun
sink, anticipate

The unfamiliar rays
display their beauty,
melt the snow and bare
our hope, as the
green grass peeks
through the cold solid ground,
welcomes us
into a fresh beginning.

For the first time,
in what seems to be a lifetime,
I roll down the windows
on my little cappuccino-colored car.
My radio radiates joy,
every song happier in the summer.
I can even sing along
to that once annoying Ke$ha song.

I gaze through my new aviators;
the world is a brighter place.
The shades that shield me
from the blinding blandness of snow,
now show me the dreams
that this new season breathes.

A playful night,
the flight of the breeze.
the summer sun descends
after kissing our skin.
Joy fills the air
like the fireflies around us.

Moonlight flickers
sprinkling glitter on the lake.
The hammock
sways with the waves, and
hushed crickets cry through the night.
pumps through my heart tonight.

The fire flaunts its brilliant flames
as the fireflies dance.

Inspired by the sunset
we do the same.
We go where the wind takes us,
and where the river rushes us.
We follow the thunderous sound
that is the beating of our hearts.
To arrive at a place
not even our minds could take us.

Laughter rings through the thick hot air,
when the tent tips over.
To expose the stars.

We slept under the moon,
wakened by the sun.
For a breakfast by the bay.

I live for the beauty
I live for the warmth
I live for the laughter
I live for the love
I live,
for summer nights.

Careless and free,
no responsibility.
Live it up.
Live it large.

Racing through moments
memories blur.
Take time,
notice the stars shining,
notice the smoky smell of the fire,
and the tingling heat on your skin.

These are the times
we’ll tell our grandkids about,
no doubt you’ll want to remember.
You can’t get back
the moments you missed.
Take them in like the air you breathe.

Don’t skim the surface of life,
immerse yourself
in the earth around you.
know its beauty

Live for the beauty
Live for the warmth
Live for the laughter
Live for the love
for summer nights.

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