Last of It All

June 1, 2011
When we first met I should have known better
I should have said, "Hey, nice to meet you. You seem real nice, but I'm going to take it slow and let God be in control."
Cause you have a mowhawk
You were dating a sixteen year old when we met
The worst of this all is that you're not a virgin
You lied, said you regretted it all
But that's just what you are and you can't change it
I'm sorry, but you can't
You led me on
And I somehow believed every word you said
I wrote a song about you
And I somehow can't stop myself from continuing
For you, you are my inspiration
For you, you will make me the next Taylor Swift
For you, you are where my angriest and most unforgiving and most vengeful writing comes from
...We were short- lived and it was nice
I won't deny that
But I will deny that I wished you would be my first kiss
I will deny it for as long as I live
Because you're not worth it
You were right; you're not worth my time
You are not worth hunching over piled upon piles of writing
This, this will be the last writing I waste on you
So cry and scream and go on ahead and hate me
You can beat on my door all you want and demand my response
Cause I can't hear you anymore
I can't hear your taunts
Your temptations
You pitiful excuses
I can't hear them
And it looks like you're out of luck cause I've found my own way out
And you'll never hurt me again

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