June 1, 2011
I want to talk about a man
in love with another man,
d***ed by his God
and shunned by his family,

About how a child can be punished
for playing house and
having one boy be the daddy
and the other the mommy.

I want to talk about how;
if a girl loves another girl
more than a “BFF”
and more like a “GF”
she is cursed and persecuted.

About that same girl who cuts her hair short, and wears muscle shirts
and talks like a man
walks like a man
eats, sits, thinks, acts and dresses
like a man
hangs herself months later
when she just “can’t take it anymore.”

I want to talk about how “marriage is sacred between a man and a woman”
and yet a man and a man or
a woman and a woman aren’t allowed
to tie the knot, and yet
“all men are created equal.”

About how there is
“separation of church and state”
and yet before God, two men
or two women are forbidden to
exchange vows because the fear of
“The Almighty God” chills the backs
of war-hardened politicians.
“Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

These people we persecute are just that; People.
People who love
and fear,
and feel pain.

I want to talk about
how you would feel
if you were shunned by your loved ones, or cast out by your church,
told time and time again
“Burn in He**.”

Their hearts are no different than yours or mine,
theirs just have more color to them.
But we still find it okay to
ridicule them. And in turn,
that ridicule turns our hearts
as black as lead.

Why do we persecute them?

There is a man out there
who just preformed heart surgery
and saved a little boy’s life,
and he just happens to think Steve
in the next office is kind of hot.

There is a woman out there,
who is striving for a cure to cancer,
and she just might like the way
Sue is dressed today.

Do not shun those people,
for they are us,
just with more color to their soul.

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