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The Fight for Freedom

June 4, 2011
By kwhaley2000 GOLD, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
kwhaley2000 GOLD, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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I stand still as I feel
the wind blow.
I am going to land a blow.

Verb: to blow
To flow through my tangled hair,
To rustle the leaves,
And rattle my chains.
To cool off the scalds on my skin
But reopen old wounds
And help the blood trickle out of
Almost healed scars.
Scars inflicted by the harsh
Whip my master yields.

To give weightlessness to
The fallen leaves on the ground,
The brown, earthly
Dirt on the floor
And allow it to rise up, unified,
In a blinding whirlwind.
A whirlwind more powerful
Than any minuscule, individual
Grain of dust.
The wind a second chance for
The fallen to taste the skies and soar.

I feel it, the wind lending
Me strength. Urging me forward
With a soft nudge on the shoulder.
The cool breeze like a salve
On my ravaged back
Exposed by the tears in my
Tattered rags.

The wind doesn’t only bring
Its calm, coolness with it.
It also brings the scent of
Far off spring flowers blooming
And crisp apples growing.
The mist of blue rivers turning,
Merging, and intertwining.

I wish I could fly off to
That lush land the wind only
Speaks of, only caries traces of.
But the breeze also reminds me
Of the shackles cuffed to my
Hands and ankles
Weighing me down.
Their clanging echoing in the air.

I want to be free.
I want to travel to that lush land
The wind teases me of.
The land with rainbow flowers
And twisting, twining rivers.

To get there, I will land the noun.
A blow.
A blow to my oppressors.
A blow to those who chained me
And would confine me to the ground.
I cannot do it alone,
But like the dirt, and dust,
And fallen leaves the wind raises up
And unifies as one,
I will join with my brethren
Until joined, we are heavier
Than we would be individually,
But we somehow become more
Weightless than we ever could alone.

I will let the strength of my
Substanceless, invisible,
Weightless soul pack the
Hardest punch.
I will not use the whip
They used on me
For the scars on my back
Remind me of their pain.
Instead I will be like the wind
And land a blow.
A blow that heals, not hurts.
A blow that unifies, not divides.
And a blow that brings each of us
Closer to the sky and to God.
Instead of back down to Earth
Where we started.

The author's comments:
The poem "Graduation," published in Teen Ink gave me the inspiration for this work. I used that poem's format, the use of a word that functions as a noun and a verb, to create my own poem.

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