Untitled Love

June 4, 2011
By , nampa, Canada
When I think of you,
I feel your arms wrap around my limber body
I hear you whisper words of kindness in my ears
I know that know no harm can come to me when you are here
When I miss you,
I feel myself shattering to pieces as I hit the floor
I hear nothing but my tears rolling down my checks
I know that without you I wouldn’t be here today
When I love you,
I feel I’m soring across the ocean far and wide
I hear my heart race out of control
I know that love is all I need
But when I’m with you,
The feeling is indescribable
I hear nothing at all but your sweet breath
I know that our love will last
When I think of you, miss you, love you and when I’m with you
I lose all self-control and let my emotions guide me
Because it’s just who I am

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