Destiny awaits

June 4, 2011
As the once moonlit sky fades into the depths of the night

Evil lerks at midnight

waiting to prowl on innocents

The clock strikes twelve

An eerie sound comes deep from within the forest

The dark sky shadows the forest entirely

As a poor innocent awaits the arrival of her beloved

An evil creature emerges from behind a tree

Looks like a normal human in the evening

but when the clock hits twelve

Vulgar and repulsive looking

Eyes black as the midnight sky

Horns red as blood

Fierce as a lion

Heart of a killer

Cold as ice

The innocent felt shivers go up her spine

Her instincts told her to leave immediately

but it was too late

blood dripping down the blade of the knife

told the death of her

Even if she escaped,

she wouldn't have lived for long

because it was her time

Time to go

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