The Strongest Runt

June 4, 2011
By sally121345 BRONZE, Noblesville, Indiana
sally121345 BRONZE, Noblesville, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Her bones groaned from the pressure on them, befor snapping and putting a grusome dent in the skin." -Kat's Dawn before Dante

-She runs with the pack,
-panting hard after half a mile.
-She's taken aback,

-She's small and in denial.
-In her mind,
-that runs a mile a day,
-She's the leader,

-swaggering with a drunken sway.
-She hold her head high
-as her fur glistens in the sun.
-She let's out the strongest cry

-from the wolves weakest lung.
-But that's all dreams
-from the hearts strongest streams.
-She cries at sundown

-as she falls to a pained bow.
-The following the heard
-hurts her heart.
-But she ignores the jeer of curs,

-and gives a strong bark.
-Her heart aches,
-she need to rest.
-She looks at the moon,

-lingering as a beautiful crescent.
-Fighting it no more,
-she sits.
-No one stops

-as she gives one cough.
-Her mind goes blank
-as she falls to sleep.
-She gives a beautiful howl,

-and staggers to her feet.
-Seeing the word go blank,
-she cries to the sky.
-She begs to wake

-in a beautiful lullaby.
-By now
-she's drawn a muster,
-birds, bees,

-animals and trees.
-The forest listens,
-watches patiently.

-But the pack keeps moving,
-not bothering to listen.
-The she-wolf cries
-as shapes fall numb.

-Colors fade
-and she says her last goodbyes.
-Tears seep to the animals eyes

-as the trees sing through their leaves.
-But as she dies
-she succumbs to glee.

-With one last twitch,
-her paws give out.
-She hits the ground
-with a little grunt for her only
-The trees twist away
-grieve stricken.
-The animals sway
-all of a sudden sicken.
-The runt,
-no matter how small,
-was strong in her way,
-even if she had to crawl.
-For she reach a goal
-that some people take forever to achieve.
-She has gained peace
-and forever immunity.

The author's comments:
The main idea is is that the wolf has reached a goal that we all face. She has reached death. And even in death, we are all small. But, we are all strong.

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