Cancer Free

June 4, 2011
By , liberal, MO
They told us the bad news

And I let my tears fly

You told me not to worry

You told me not to cry

Time suddenly stop

The world stopped turning

The sun stopped beaming

All I could think was

"I must be dreaming"

Pain fill our hearts

As Rain fell from the sky

I couldn't take my mind off

The twinkle in your eye...

You slipped away from us the next morning

And the whole world

seemed to be mourning

Little brother couldn't understand

Why everyone was so sad

"Sissy it's not so mad!

Daddy's in a better place!

Daddy has now seen Gods pretty face!"

I had a dream about you last night

For a few moments

Everything seemed alright.

I met you on the streets of gold

Your hair was blonde

Your eyes were bold

You hug me tight and gave me a wink

Then you said "it's time to go"

You spread your wings

and flew high above the trees

I woke up with a smiled and said..

"My daddy is now Cancer Free"

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