Where I'm Going

April 5, 2011
I am from my mother and father
From birthday parties
And dressing up for Halloween
From spending Christmas
With my family

I am from all of the
Good times with my
Sister and all of the
Funny ones with my cousins

I am from my preschool
Graduation and riding
My bike down the street
From feeding horses carrots

I am from all of the
Happy memories that I
Have with my parents

I am from the few
Precious memories that
I have of my baby brother

One day I was part of
A family of five, the
Next a family of four
Things can change
So quickly in the
Blink of an eye
Your world could become
Upside down, you feeling
Lost and needing someone
To be strong for you
But needing to be
Strong for your family

My last goodbye
Stuck in my throat
As I see him laying
There, so different
From the joyous baby
That I remembered

I am from the tears
That I cried for him
Kneeling on his grave
Wishing it weren’t real
But knowing that I couldn’t
Change anything

As I grew older, I channeled
My pain and frustration into my work
And it got me to where I am now
My future is bright with options,
And I have already received a college
Scholarship! I could be
Anything I want: a lawyer, teacher,
Anything I want But, I have already
Made my decision and I’m
Going to see it through
I am going to be a neonatologist.

An Ivy League college,
Receiving many college degrees
Years of perfecting my career
So that no one has to go through
What I did,
That horrible grief
That follows losing
Someone you love

I want to become a
Neonatologist so that
I can do what no one
Could do for my brother…
I want to help save
Them, as many as possible

In honor of my
For my brother

I know what
I am going to do
With my life
And I can’t wait

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