Hockey Mentality

April 5, 2011
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When you step on the ice,
Leaving the comfort and security of firm ground
You remove yourself from everything outside the rink
And let the thrills of the game take over.

The game transforms us
Encased in body armor, we are warriors
Nothing will stop us from “putting the puck in the twine”
And all the glory that accompanies it.
Your teammates are your friends, your family out on the ice
In a game where nothing is certain and anything can happen
Nothing is more relieving than knowing “your boys have your back”
And nothing feels better then celebrating in the locker room after a big win.

“Sniping twine,” “dangles, snipes, and cellys,” and “lighting the lamp”
These are the terms that we live by, that are ingrained in our minds
The techniques that we work on for hours in practice
Translate into games as smoothly as the ice that we skate on.

And after each grueling, sixty-minute battle
That always ends in either glory or disappointment
We will always be comforted, as we remove our gear and examine our wounds
With the exhausting but invigorating thought that it will all start again tomorrow.

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l.iney said...
Jul. 1, 2011 at 8:19 am
I'm a hockey player too and this is a great description of what goes on. I have also tried to describe hokcey in my poetry and some short stories...feel free to check them out. This poem was really great and i loved your use of the terms and explanation of the game but in such a simple way
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