Diary of a Soldier

April 5, 2011
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BOOM! I hear the sounds of the loud and stunning grenades that keep us. On our wet, tired feet. We are the 5th Brigade of the 42nd Regiment in the glorious and victorious United States Military. We listen for any sound or distinction of life. While at the same time struggle to keep. Our wimpy and non-important lives. I hear the cries of war at the end of every road, at the beginning of every sunrise,and during times when we cover up sadness with a fake smile. I hear the cries of war everywhere. CRASH! I see the tank of my fellow comrades go up in flames. I watch helplessly as my brothers are slowly and painfully dying the deaths of the true soldiers that they were. Death is a sad part of everyday lives. We can choose to see it and act upon its notice or we can watch ourselves slowly die a mindless, careless death. Death is a terrible thing and even when it affects your everyday life, you need to be a positive, loving person to help the day go on without as much pain and agony as possible. While death is upsetting and painful it is also a magnificent happiness because when you are silently sleeping with the world and alive everyday with God. Then your at peace

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