Impeccably Unstable

June 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Life is an impeccably unstable bull ride of misconceptions.
The longer you breathe under water, the closer you are to the darkness.
I only taste that of which I can sample.
Close but still, I can't hear you watching me.
Tim Burton doesn't live in Vancouver.
Without smell, I can not taste.
Can't we all learn to smell thoughtfully?
My brain is continuously speculating on events.
When the sun goes down, the grass grows.
That was plain folly.
The quiet flounder of Aberas is louder than fireworks.
His hearing must have been incredible if his ears were on his face.
If Eji can fly on a plane, he can fly in a boat.
Stephanie can only remember so much.
When we live, we have advanced.
Can such a floundering dog live on land?
If we can wash with soap, we will clean everywhere!
Mawaru, mawaru. Sekai wa mawaru.
Only the mountains will tell you the way home.
As long as you float, you won't breathe water.

The author's comments:
This was for a 20 line poem with instructions on what should be on each line. How I thought and saw certain subjects.

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