Trial and Error

June 7, 2011
By Waltonmhc BRONZE, New Holland, Pennsylvania
Waltonmhc BRONZE, New Holland, Pennsylvania
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Trial and error, that’s all life really is
It’s about fun and making mistakes.
But the greatest off all is learning from those mistakes
And making life what we want it to be, how we want to live it.

Some would rather keep their pride, bow their heads and sink
Into an inescapable darkness rather than accepting themselves for
Who they really are, others would stick up for themselves and work through it
And get the help they need and not wallow in self pity.

Trial and error is what makes us who we are,
Messing up is a natural part of life though dealing with it
Is easier said than done, we’d rather figure things out for ourselves.
What such foolishness is that?

Some mistakes are easier to fix than others, some can be so big
We need the help of friends and family.
But we don’t because we are hard-headed and think we know everything
This is not true, we can’t do everything by ourselves.

Trial and error is a way of growing up
A way of building character that will last a lifetime.
Trial and error is how we learn from our mistakes
Learn to grow from them and to not make them again.
Trial and error is a way of life.

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