Some Mornings

June 9, 2011
By Catkinz BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
Catkinz BRONZE, Smithtown, New York
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Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.

Some mornings I wake up and I
Tumble out of bed.
I shuffle my feet.
I trip over the carpet.
I can’t open my eyes.
I walk into walls.
I spill my coffee.
I miss my bus.
I fail my test.
I lose my game.
I forget my homework.

Some nights I wish that I
Could snuggle and be warm.
I could, for once, get comfortable.
I could sleep the week away.
I could drown in my sheets.
I could never open my eyes again.
I could be far away.
I could be closer.
I could be reassured.
I could never be alone.
I could sleep.

And some mornings I wake up and I
Tumble out of bed.

The author's comments:
I feel like every teenager goes through hard times and every one of us eventually feel that nothing is going to change. I sometimes feel that things will continue going the way things are going and that my bad days, my bad weeks, will never end. Sometimes I just want to sleep and entire month away-- but I can't. This poem reflects those feelings.

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