Beauty Is You

June 7, 2011
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There is so much beauty in life.
Beauty is your hand holding mine.
Beauty is in the heart which touches
Beauty is an evening sunset with
whispering eyes luring in a kiss.
Beauty is a dancing romance that
never comes to an end.

Beauty is a gift from God.
Beauty is when evil turns into
Beauty is as gentle as a tear of joy
streaming from my eyelash.
Beauty is when the sun smiles golden
beams of pure happiness.
Beauty is the sound of mysterious
mermaids singing soft, soothing melodies
in an ocean of drowning sapphires.
Beauty is the greatest treasure of all,
for one's eye to see.
The beauty of a love that is real.
The beauty that shines through the bright
reflective colors of the rainbow.
The blossoming beauty of spring.
What is beauty you ask?
Beauty is you.

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