I'm just your loving kid

June 7, 2011
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What an evil thing regret is…
Like a cloak of thrones,
Pricking the soul to bleed,
Mocking the luck of a blinded man’s deeds,
Grave of dreams gifted to lit and sleep,
What an evil thing it is!

Her glistening eyes whispered;
Whispered the message of love
Woman of strength,
Woman of power,
Woman of care,
Woman I love,
The one I love,
Weep not,
Weep not
Sunken eyes and pale face,
Don’t you look beautiful,
As yet?
Wipe your tears and smile to the wind,
Son of yours,
Will soon be freed;
Freed of grief and only grief,
And shame,
Will eternally ruin
A noble being,
You thought I was,
And yes,
I was,
I was,
I was,
Until the devil’s lightening,
Struck my head,
And I shook the blood,
Of an innocent lad.
Your child has sinned.
I have sinned.
I have sinned.

Behind the bars,
I see no light,
I fear darkness, mother,
I see no light.
Ticking of the clock,
So sharp and so loud,
Minutes for my heart,
To beat so sound.

I met a girl once then,
Begging for cents,
I ignored, mother,
I ignored, then.

They rushed in,
The men in suits,
And shaved my calf,
For a vein in loops.
I close my eyes and,
Pray with heart,
Will it hurt, mother?
I fear death.

When he screamed the pain of death aloud,
That rainy, pitch black night,
Thunder rolled over,
Drowned the sound,
I was not right!

I met a man once then,
Begging for cents,
I ignored, mother,
I ignored, then.

Your face loomed beyond shadows,
A hug I yearned, for no more tomorrows!
I wanted to flee to you,
Like those days I did,
When you stood by the school’s gates,
Waving at your kid.
I see no Linda,
Beside you, today,
Wagging its tale, and,
Barking her way.
I threw her food,
Just like yesterday,
I should have fed her, mother,
I should have made her day…

Music, you wish,
Red, you love,
No red dress you have got,
Music visited not our place,
I was not so great…


Regrets are but evil fools!

They drag me out and,
Take off my boots,
I love that pair,
You know I do.
I crawl down to grab it tight,
They kick me hard, mother,
I see you cry.
You fall in your knees,
To touch me once,
I feel complete, mother,
I want to hold on.
You hug me tight and lift me up,
I recall the school’s day number one…
You hold me tight,
Till I say good-bye,
And lead me there-
A warrior’s ride!
Will it hurt, mother?
I fear death.
But no bloody murderer fears death.
I’m not a bloody murderer,
I’m not!
I have sinned.
I have sinned.
I have sinned.

I leave you two cents and,
An aged brown bun,
Lend the girl,
Lend the man,
Feed the dog.
I am no bloody murderer, mother,
I am a kid.
Just your loving kid…

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mihi said...
Jul. 5, 2011 at 3:51 am
i wanted to keep reading ..whch means you have the talent to catch the mind of the reader..very well done inosA.
Mity boy said...
Jul. 1, 2011 at 8:47 am
wow Inosha grt work, love this, keep up the good wrk :):)
InoshaIjaz replied...
Jul. 1, 2011 at 9:21 am
thanks loads Mity boy :) !!! tiz great u read it ! thanks :) :) !
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