Ignorant People in Reality

June 24, 2011
By TrueME BRONZE, Tamarac, Florida
TrueME BRONZE, Tamarac, Florida
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life hurts and we need to accept it or we can fall down but its up to you beacuse life is like a bullet bwing shot at you.you either take it or block it.

Sometimes human beings can be so ignorant.
They complain about life and how they hate their life.
Well i felt like that at many point in my life.
But I realize that I only hated my life for the pain,pain that only brought emptiness to my heart.
My life was once miserable because my actions spoke for most the pain I experienced.
In reality life is not hard nor is it easy.
We human beings intend to ignore the fact that we are the ones bringing the misery into our life.
We only hate ourselves when we hate what life throws at us.
But we must accept the fact that life will throw pain, sorrow, and misery.
Or we can fall down and let life defeat us.
Life has its ups and downs but it also has it bright sides.
Ignorant people hate the fact that life is what we make of it and its true.
We can be ignorant at times like when it comes to accepting the reality of life.
We need to accept that life is sometimes harsh.
And if you don't oh well.
and one more thing people leave destiny to choose their life when in reality its us who decide the fate of our life.
People may say how
well your decisions in life is what lead you to your destiny which you caused.
And whether we lie it or not life is like a dilemma.

The author's comments:
I've been thinking about life lately and I couldn't stop thinking about life. And every time me and my friends would talk about life that's where I decided to write this poem because we intend to be ignorant about life. At night when I cant sleep I get inspire out of nowhere to write about how I feel towards life. I expect people to read this and realize where they are wrong in life and I want them to think of their life. Because in reality life is a an important subject that we humans ignore because we tend to be ignorant and I want to help those who read my poem to know that life and ignorance don't mix.

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