It's Real To Me

May 29, 2011
By ThornFlower BRONZE, Bellmore, New York
ThornFlower BRONZE, Bellmore, New York
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She’s bringing him home.
he ate too many fried oreos
and now his tummy aches.

A heating pad and ant-acid
And he’ll be right as rain;
she’ll stop the rest of the pain
with her sweet lullabies
and soothing touch,
and father will let go of his worry
that the aching won’t end.

One magic wand
and a little pixie dust
scattered on the house
should heal all the paper cuts
and old bruises.

She’s bringing him home
Because he is homesick,
fever of 100 nostalgia.
She will hug and kiss the pains
until they turn into old memories
and laughter.

Everything’s shining,
blissful, and new;
Nothing hurts and nothing is wrong
when you turn it around
and sugar coat all the honesty
so it turns into a lie.

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