What In The Name

May 29, 2011
By ThornFlower BRONZE, Bellmore, New York
ThornFlower BRONZE, Bellmore, New York
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It was Him.
He filled my stomach
With his body and blood.

I was purified
and never to be starved.

The Lord shined upon the water
and the mortals saw through
the looking glass.
They saw the man with a thousand faces,
who ate all their love
and kept it for himself
so that they could never abuse it again.

Their wrists were slapped
Every time they wanted.

With no love and no want
We die a slow painful death;
feeling Jesus on his cross.

The human want is a sin
and we have adulterated it so much
It has turned a nice shade of green.

Twice upon a dream,
Cinderella put on the wrong shoe.
Twice upon a dream,
Sleeping Beauty never woke up.
Twice upon a dream,
the hunter killed Snow White.

All their dreams were shriveled on each finger tip
until their bones were dry.

Born with nothing,
left with nothing;
he didn’t want a crowd.

The love will be earned back
when it’s deserved and we are perfect,
but by then we won’t even need it.

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