May 29, 2011
I’m coming,
I’m coming,
I’m right here for you.

The sun dries the rain beneath your feet,
so you may never slip
and your heart never crack open
and seep through your fragile head.

I need you,
I need you.
You are my food and water;
I resisted you as food,
but when you were water
my lips couldn’t pull away after 30 seconds
of dry air.

You hold me,
and I hold you;
the softest teddy bears
Wrapped in silk.

Don’t forget me,
Don’t forget me.
Don’t shut the door down the long hallway
where I am at the other end,
staring at you
with fawn eyes
and desperation.

Remember to
save your love
and I will always be there
to dry the rain beneath your feet.

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