love miles apart

May 29, 2011
Every time I look up,
I think of you,
That day,
What happened,
The car,
The tree,
I wish it was me and not you,
I shouldn’t have let you drive,
You were high,
And I wasn’t,
But you said everything will be okay,
I remember,
That deer ran out in front of us,
You swerved to miss him,
That tree came out of nowhere,
Going 55 mph.,
We hit,
You didn’t have your seat belt on,
You flew out of the car like a bird catching pry,
You dead instantly,
Me one broken leg,
That’s all,
A broken leg,
Now one month past,
My leg healed,
Still I lie in the grass and look in the sky,
I see a cloud shaped like a heart,
I know it’s a sign from you,
It has to be,
You my first love,
Me your first love,
That sign in the sky is our love miles apart.

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