Falling Snow

May 29, 2011
By kiteflying4evr GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
kiteflying4evr GOLD, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Snow falls
on the outside and inside
of me

soft and flaky
so beautiful
as it floats
slowly gently
to the ground
disturbing nothing
its muffled settle

but on the inside
it is more like icicles
raining down
ripping tearing
leaving a path of destruction
in their wake
harsh and unstoppable
in their fall
the soft snow outside
a deep red

i slowly
into oblivion
where all
i feel
is the cold numbness
of the snow
a trap- i realize now
as snowflake by snowflake,
the soft powder
covers my dying body
as the inside icicles
pin me to the ground

the snow continues to fall
hiding the blood
hiding me
from the world
encasing me

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