My Song

May 29, 2011
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Worries that don’t need to be mine
When I look up all I see is the blood of my faith
Running dry
My life will never be the same
No matter how hard I try

I wish that some day,
Life will be better than this one that I am living now I will run!
I won’t look back for I will live one more time and you won’t no what to do
My lips open to sing a sad song of the story of my life
My notes come out sweet in the beginning
At the end you will be weeping with me in the doorway of sorrow.

You will look at me and beg to be let go,
From this capture of your soul,
The emotions you forgot you had
The emotions that put sores on your heart
The emotions that rise like the world is ending
The emotions that leave you screaming in the dark
Hoping that someday you will see light
For my song is the coldest thing that has ever heard
you wish you had never asked to hear
For life is just too sad too live it poorly.

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