June 6, 2011
It's all i see.
It's all i feel.
Sorrounded by many, but i still feel alone.
I can't eat, i can't sleep, i can't call this place home.
How do you breathe when there seems to be no air around?
How can you stand when all you do is keep falling down?
I hear whispers everywhere, " Honey, you'll be okay. "
What if i don't believe i'll be happy someday?
I know they speak behind my back, they don't tell me directly.
"You're daughter isn't right, i think she might be crazy."
Am i crazy for crying? Should i be numb?
Should i discard my feelings at all?
How come they don't understand why i feel like scum?
Compared to everyone i feel so small.
So vulnerable, so tiny, so alone, by myself.
And for making me feel worse,
Are you content with yourself?
You don't know what it's like, to just lose everyone.
Even though i've lost life, i can't forget where i'm from.
And as for me, i'll try to be happy.
Get distracted, get some sleep, so i can make it to where i want to be.
I can't give up, I can't stop trying.
I just wish that someday people will realize how bad it is.
There must be something i can do, i can't just keep crying.
It's more than all the people i miss.
It's my life, it's everything.
It's me.
And for all of those who judge me,
Why can't you just let me be?
It's about me, how i feel.
How it hurts so much when the truth reveals.
How no one cares, but everyone pretends.
How you lose all the people that you used to call friends.
When your feelings are no longer there.
You can't cry, you can't scream, all you do is stare.
Stare at the blank empty hole in your heart,
The one that was never even full from the start.
I was once this happy go lucky girl,
The one who was so thrilled with her world.
Joyous, jolly, jubilant, every loss was a gain.
Now depressed, discouraged, miserable, all she feels is pain.
Where did all the smiles go?
Her house made of bricks was gone with one blow.
Never again to be seen, never again to be known.
Because the girl you met once, has never again shown
The same happiness that you once knew her for.
Tears replace smiles, injuries represent relief
Laughs turn to sobs, greatness is grief.
And i wonder, where did i waste away?
Will it all stop today?

Will I ever See the light Someday?

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