Bed Sores

June 6, 2011
By wayjams BRONZE, PETERBOROUGH, New Hampshire
wayjams BRONZE, PETERBOROUGH, New Hampshire
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if i was ever lost to a lifeless coma,
stuck in a hospital bed,
half alive, half dead,
i dont want to just sit there growing bed sores,
it'll be up to you to wake me up,
or to let me rot,
what if i was forever lost on a train of thought,
How far away would you be,
on another track never crossing my way?
or hiding all the way in the back?
Pulling the whistle?
where would i be?
shoveling coal,
or laying out on top listening to the wheels roll.
i'm to tired to be awake,
yet to wired to fall asleep,
caught in a place between.
forgotten word,
never to be heard.
i dont want to be lost in one train of thought,
wake me from this unending dream.
hold my hand,
till you hear the flat line.
colder then stone.
quiter then a movie from the twenties.
wipe a tear from the side of your face.
just let me be my dear.
let me take it in for a little bit,
nothing is more beautiful then the screams of silence.
please rest easy, you'll hold my hands again soon enough.
now stop that. thats enough.
im through with this dream.
give me a new one to lay in.
give me a soft pond, a quite stream,
the moon shining above our heads,
we both know that i could never be dead.

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