thisis a cool kiddie

June 6, 2011
By Anonymous

This is a cool kiddie!
I have a friend named Tess,
Man she is the best!
She`s cool as ice.
I love this kid becuase she`s so nice.
...We`ve been through it all,
Having the time of our lifes,
Having a ball.
From movie theater issues,
To all the times I`ve missed you.
the hard crying and the tissues.
One moment we`re laughing on the lake,
To our meetings and brownie cake.
Rember Mckenna`s surprise party?
Lost time in the halls,
Now we`re tardy!
Chocolate factory with ice throwing,
Too bad,we were supposed to go bowling.
I love being wiht your mom at the ortho.
Spazz attackers at hip hop,
Story of our lifes.
Don`t throw pennies at Jerrrrr!
I loved it when you saw me with red hair.
Fiddleheads here we come, we`ll buy loads and loads.
Locking the car, oh crap!
Whats that code?
Buy me a muffin, what a toad.
Going to fright fest, seeing a ghoul.
Scary times at the pool,
Too many good memories of us fools!

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