June 6, 2011
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Land of the Free?
We are not free, because everyday judgement is forced into our wounds pretending to heal them.
Judgement runs deep in our veins, infecting U.S.
Please tell me what freedom of speech is,
Because I'm sure that when people read this, hear this, they will add more slashed to my already scarred thighs.
We are freely hurting hurting eachother.
Is this what freedom is?
If so we are free,
Like pretty birds in the pretty sky
BUT this is not true so we are
Mutated birds in the pplluted sky, being shot at, shot down
We are demons, We are angels, we are ALL loved, We are ALL hated, We are humans
BUT we are not free!
It's okay...I think.
But just tell us the truth

for once...please.

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