John's Battle

June 6, 2011
I'm up wondering
What you're thinking of
Are you hungry?
Are you warm enough?
I pray for you
Every day
Forever left to wonder
If you're okay
I know what she did
I know you're gonna make it
Because you are different
You didn't stay and take it
You're gonna be fine
It just takes time
This will all blow over soon
But before I go
I've got some things to say to you
Thanks for giving me something
That I could be proud of
Papa ain't said much
But you know he sends his love
Cassie's taking it hard
But I hope you see we all are
Grammy's trying to get through
Mama's trying to be positive
And I'm just missing you
I keep flashing back
To when we were little
You've always looked so small
Your bones looked so brittle
But now we all know
You were strong enough to stand
For the fight
Against a wounding hand
Keep on going
Even when they try to hold you back
Don't let them put you on a leash
You're better than that
You're gonna do something great
Ignore the haters
They only know hate
You are very loved
And that's something to be proud of
So shed all of your sorrows
Every one and all
Be that man you look up to
Who crawled under the Berlin wall
He reached his freedom
And now its your turn
You don't have to live
With anger and hurt
You have touched so many
That you don't even know
The things you've had to go through
Will only help you grow
So spread your wings
And stand loud
Its time to fly away
One more thing
You make me proud
Every. Single. Day.

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